Giving customers the white-glove treatment
Luxury brands are learning that a snooty attitude doesn't help their sales. Canadian Business (Aug. 2015 issue)

Pay for my beer? How about my brewery? 
Collective Arts had great beer, awesome marketing—and no financing. It was time to get creative. Canadian Business (April 2015 issue)

How the Keg keeps its sizzle

By having a badass CEO who personally tells crappy customers to fuck off. Canadian Business (Nov. 2014 issue)

A better shoe box [PDF]

A 289-square-foot Toronto condo where the toilet is not beside the bed! Canadian Business (October 2014 issue) 

A real bulletproof suit

A man is only as good as his $20,000 bulletproof bespoke suit. Canadian Business (Summer 2014 issue)

Gail Aguiar left a busy Toronto life for sea-breezy Porto. Toronto Star (Jan. 1, 2016)

Susur Lee keeps it simple when he's on the go. Toronto Star (Dec. 11, 2015)

Oahu is for adventurers
From mountain biking to zip lining, Hawaiian island is made for more than just a snooze on the beach. Toronto Star (Dec. 3, 2015)

Shhhh...this bar's a secret [PDF]
Unmarked doors, red lights, secret passwords, a list of Canada's hidden watering holes. Canadian Business (Feb. 2014 issue)

Not one reference to lobster in this piece. Okay, maybe one. Chatelaine (April 2014 issue) 

A guide/love letter on one of my favourite cities in the world. Bust (April/May 2014 issue)

For one whole hour, I paid someone to rub coconut ice cream all over my bare naked body. The Globe and Mail (Aug. 23, 2013)

I got massaged by a prisoner and you wouldn't believe what happens next! I stayed alive. Chatelaine (April 2013 issue)

Of magic and men
Monks in northern Thailand use magic (ooooh!) to heal displaced refugees. Citylife Chiang Mai (April 2013 issue)


At Our Fingertips [PDF]
On having nail ninjas for parents. WORN Fashion Journal (Nov. 2014 issue)

The Secrets of America's High-Tech Haunted Houses
In which I never find out why people like being scared shitless. WIRED (Oct. 2014 issue)

Game Changer
I profile a woman who's going to create the next Steve Jobs, except non-white and non-boy. Reader's Digest (Oct. 2014 issue)

Tongue Tied [PDF]

About losing my Vietnamese fluency, and I only cried once while writing this. Ricepaper Magazine (Fall 2014 issue) 

A Different Sort of Farm

If the farm is ethical, the bacon tastes wayyy better. CityBites Magazine (July 13, 2014)

Dress Up, Up, and Away
Crafty comic geeks put your grade seven pillow cover to shame. National Post (April 16, 2014)

Boob Job [PDF]
Bras are the worst, and here are 2,000+ words on why. WORN Fashion Journal (Issue 18)