December 3, 2019

Three feminist founders getting things done

Illustration by Emmy Smith
I've written many profiles on CEOs, entrepreneurs, founders, and all-around badass bosses. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the reason I'm assigned these stories is because the subject has a) raised a sexy amount of capital, b) won some fancy award, or c) made a ridiculous amount of money in a short timeframe. I've always wondered about the founders out there who do awesome stuff but don't necessarily tick off these confined boxes of success. That's why I'm particularly proud of my latest batch of stories for I wrote three profiles on feminist entrepreneurs in Toronto who are moving the needle in their respective fields:

#1: @cherryrosetan is making mental health struggles less taboo in the tech industry. Read it here.

#2: @TorontoFAC is carving out spaces for feminist artists to share their work and talk about current social issues. Read it here.

#3: @takarasmall is bringing STEM education to low-income and underserved youth. Read it here.