March 17, 2017

The best managed companies

The best kinds of companies to work for are the ones that truly care about its people. I know, I know. This lead gave you absolutely no new information because it's as common knowledge as not sneezing into people's faces. Still, there's no shortage of crappy bosses out there. I just finished reading a great explainer of the horrible management drama happening at Thinx. Yes, that period underwear company. That's why I asked a few good bosses about their secrets for not crashing and burning.

I wrote five company profiles for the 2017 Canada's Best Managed Companies package, which appeared in the print edition of Maclean's this month, and the online edition of Canadian Business. One company makes your hair look good, one sells asphalt, two work in construction, and one does software. The rest, if you wish, can be read here.