March 12, 2014

WORN FASHION JOURNAL: It's Here! The Underwear Issue

You can now purchase the new issue of WORN Fashion Journal! It's our first-ever underwear-themed issue, and I wrote about 13 pages worth of sexy stuff. Apparently, I have lots feelings about bras and panties (oh shush, it's not such a bad word). One is a feature about the demise of bra fitters and how it left us with very uncomfortable and ill-fitting bras (Oprah knows). Two, a guide to 11 different kinds of handmade lace, in which I slip in a reference to Reality Bites. Three, a book review about bras (I still had a lot to say). 

There's other awesome stuff in there, too. My favourite is our photo spread of people being in their underpants talking about being in their underpants. Trust me, it'll make you really happy. (Ew no, not like that you perv.)