October 3, 2013

WORN FASHION JOURNAL: The history of lace

Lately, I've been lost in lace, like layers upon layers of it. But it's the good kind of lost. I'm currently working on a story for Worn Fashion Journal about the history of different kinds of laces—black ones, British ones, bad ones. And what always happens when I'm researching (re: internetting) is I uncover really nerdy trivia that I can't use but really, really want to share. Like, did you know that in the 18th century during the European ban on foreign laces, yards of the fabric were smuggled into England by way of coffins? And to get into France, did you know lace was snuck inside bread and dogs? For reals, dogs! Internet is great. Researching for this story also lead me to an incredible photo that I also want to share, of these lacey lovers below. Actually, I didn't find it because of research, but because someone on Facebook posted a link to a BuzzFeed article that had nothing to do with lace to which I clicked on and thoroughly enjoyed because I procrastinate and I'm human. Look how sweet.