July 19, 2013

Scenes from a train ride

If there's anything that travelling taught me, it's that there's breathtaking beauty at home too. Of course, there always was. I just never saw it. Because I ALWAYS saw it. We all get used to the things we see every day because we see it every day. Something that used to be, "Oh, wow!" becomes "Oh, that." It's just the way things go. Being in a new place forced me to pay attention, to stop and consciously observe. Okay, I HAD to pay attention or else I'd get run over by some guy balancing a basket of fish on his head driving a motorbike.

Now that I'm back in Canada, I have a better appreciation for the beauty that surrounds me. Yesterday, I came off a 29-hour train ride from Halifax to Toronto, and the views were stunners. It might have been mostly trees, but I noticed every single one of them. I don't know if I would have pre travels.

It doesn't have to be a cascading waterfall or an ocean bed of colourful coral, or anything out of the ordinary to be beautiful. And knowing that is probably my favourite souvenir.

Scenes from a train ride: